Sinful Colors - Candy Coated

Hi everyone!!

I have pretty purple, leaning periwinkle, polish from Sinful Colors to share with you today!

Candy Coated is such a lovely girly shade and it has a great formula.  I paired it with Pupa N250, a blue glitter, as an accent nail.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
I wore this mani for an entire week, so you know I loved this mani.  I love the contrast of the glitter and the creme and the colors are super pretty.  What do you guys think of this combo?

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  1. Every time I see your posts, I get inspired to do more accent nails because I have billions of glitters to use. And then.. I forget. Because I'm old and crazy! LOL!!

    1. LOL!! Amanda, you're so crazy! But yes, that's how I get to use them more often ;0).


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