Watercolor Alcohol Technique

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share a mani I did for a mani swap this weekend on Instagram.

For this mani, I used NYC Tudor City Teal as a base.  I then used a Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist to spray the black and gold polishes that were in water.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
This technique actually ended up being harder than I thought, but I still got a fun result.

What do you guys think of how this turned out?  Have you ever tried this technique before?

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  1. I loved how these nails turned out too. The design looks so cool!

  2. I love this base color, it is a great polish... I have never tied this technique yet, but surely it is easier than watermarble, so maybe I'll give it a try!

  3. I'm loving these colours together - that green is gorgeous!
    When I tried this technique before I really struggled using perfume, hairspray, or anything similar. Later I tried using a toothbrush dipped in acetone and sprayed it in with the toothbrush and that worked way better! Although it looks like yours worked fine anyway :)


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