Pahlish - Watermelon Punch

Hi everyone!!

Today I have lovely neon pink from Pahlish to share with you!

Watermelon Punch is a sheer neon pink base with flakies.  It requires three coats for full opacity, but applies well.  I got this one from my polish friend, Saira, for Christmas.  She's so sweet!!

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
I'm pretty sure I don't have any neons in my stash with flakies.  I love that about this polish.  Shannon always makes such great creations.  I've always loved that about her polishes.  And Saira definitely knows my style ;0).

What do you guys think of Watermelon Punch?

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  1. This pink is so vibrant. I love anything with flakies in it too.

  2. OMG! It's neon so I love it but the flakies make it gorgeous and it looks good on you!


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