Twinsie Tuesday: Gray and Gold

Hi everyone!!

This week's prompt for Twinsie Tuesday is gray and gold.  For my mani, I used Sally Hansen Pumice as a base and stamped a gold image from the Cici & Sisi 12 plate.

Pumice is a really nice light gray creme.  The formula was a bit thin and runny though, so care is required when applying it.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
I actually really like this color combo.  It's not one I would have gone for if it wasn't for this prompt.  I'll have to use it again.

What do you guys think of gray and gold together?

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  1. This look works very well together. However, I feel that the prompt of gold and grey is quite odd because I just think that grey goes much better with silver. The shade of grey that you picked though goes so well with the gold, very well done!

    1. Yes, it's not your typical combo, but it worked out really well. That's what I love about these prompts, they allow us to experiment and learn about options we may not have considered before. Glad you like it.

  2. I agree, I never would have paired grey and gold together, but I really like them together! Love your stamping!

  3. Yeah I would never have put grey and gold together too but i ended up liking it. Great job on the stamping Marisa :)

  4. Grey and gold don't automatically go together in my book - and I said so in my post. I think grey goes better with silver. So you have to work quite hard to pull off that colour combination - by getting the right tones of grey and gold. Your light grey has a beige tone to it, which automatically goes well with gold - so well done you!


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