Glitterdaze - Mom Jeans

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

Today, I have a gorgeous blue to share with you from Glitterdaze!

Glitter daze is a gorgeous bright blue with a great formula.  It dries to a slightly matte finish.  I used a nail vinyl from Born Pretty Store for my nail art on my accent nail and added Color Club Harp On It.

Artificial Light
I really like that these nail vinyls are easy to remove.  In my experience, when using vinyls, the template doesn't always lift easily without lifting the other parts of the design, but this was really easy to work with.  Now, if I can just get the art down of not letting polish bleed under the vinyl, I'd be set.

These NF218 nail vinyls (or stencil stickers) can be purchased online here for $1.37 per sheet.  Each sheet contains 9 stickers.  Of course, you can use my 10% off discount code, MPL91, with your purchase.

What do you guys think of Mom Jeans?  Have you tried any of these nail vinyls from Born Pretty Store?

**Nail vinyls sent for honest review**
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  1. Really nice color and the nail vinyl design looks cool too.

  2. Love it! This is a very pretty blue nail polish. Love the color and finish. Its a must try indeed!


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