BeMe Nail Art Pens

Hi everyone!!

Today, I have a review of some nail art pens that I received from BeMe.

These pens are dual ended and are easily screwed off in the middle (see below).

Each polish has a brush AND a pen to use for nail art.  Here's a look at the brush when you screw off the cover.

If you pull off the cover, a pen is revealed.  With a squeeze of the bottle, polish comes out to create a nail art look.  Here's a look at the pen.

These polishes apply really well, but I had issues with the pen.  It took quite a few tries to get used to the flow of the polish and to learn how to squeeze it with the right amount of force.

I only did two looks with polka dots because nothing else worked for me.  Here's the first look without top coat.

Artificial Light
Below, I added top coat.  Because the dry time is slow on these polishes, there was some smudging with the dots.

Artificial Light
Here's the second look, interlocking dots with no top coat.

Artificial Light
Here I added top coat.

Artificial Light
So, my final thoughts on these nail art pens:

  • I love the variety of colors of these polishes.  Applying them with the brush is pretty easy too.
  • I think it's pretty cool that you can both paint your nails with the brush and use the pen with the nail art pen.
  • I wish the dry time was faster on these.  It really slows things down.
  • The polish doesn't always come out evenly from the pen which is a pain.
  • This is really nice for someone starting out with nail art and wants to do really simple looks.  I think this would be difficult to manage for more complex designs.

BeMe Nail Art Pens are available on Amazon, Overstock,,, and

**Products sent for honest review**
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  1. Really great review on these nail art pens.

  2. Great review...I recently attempted nail art so this is a great post for me as I'm always looking for the best tools! Check it out: I've found with nail pens I have to trim the brush to my liking to get my desired effect. I've ordered some nail art pens that are more like felt tips I'll let you know how they are when I get them. :-)


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