30 Days of Colour - Winter Color

Hi everyone!!

Today's prompt for the 30 Days of Colour challenge is "winter color".  I decided to go with a deep purple from Make Up Candy called Sugar Kiss.  It was my first time trying this brand.  It was sent to me by a polish buddy in Brazil a long time ago.

On my accent nail, I added Sephora Midnight Crawl, a duochrome of purple and green.  I then stamped an image from my UberChic 2-02 plate with Sugar Kiss.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
My accent nail ended up looking like a design created with magnetic polish.  Remember those?  I thought it looked pretty cool though.

What polish do you wear in the winter?

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  1. Such a great shade of purple. I like the accent nail too.

  2. Love the purple! I've actually still got a few magnetic polishes laying around lol


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