Tied Up Seuss

Hi everyone!! Happy Monday!

I know you're probably wondering what my title is all about.  It's nothing crazy, I just used Cult Nails Tied Up and Whimsical Ideas by Pam Seuss for my Monday Blues mani ;0).

I've had these two polishes for so long and decided it was time to show them both some love.  Tied Up is a cornflower blue/almost blurple creme.  It's opaque in two easy coats.  Seuss is a blue crelly base with small red hexes and medium silver hexes.

On my middle finger, I tried double stamping using an image from the UberChic 3-01 plate .  The two colors I used to stamp were Bundle Monster stamping polish Seeing Rainbows (pink) and A-England Excalibur (silver).

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
This mani didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.  It looks like two separate manis on one hand.  Sigh! I kept it though because I didn't have time to change it.  And I ended up liking it.

What do you guys think of this combo?  Have you tried double stamping?

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  1. That's nice! I really like the blue crellish color.

    1. Thanks Lisa!! Seuss is definitely a beauty!

  2. I like it and I think I sold my Tied Up and I really wish that I hadn't. You don't sell blues, Amanda!!!


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