Sephora - Teeny Bikini

Hi everyone!!

Pastel is the theme of the day for the 30 Days of Colour challenge.  Here's the polish I decided to try.

Sephora Teeny Bikini is a really nice green pastel creme.  The formula is slightly streaky, like most pastels, but it levels out on the third coat.  I used three coats here with no top coat.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

This is a perfect spring green.  I love wearing pastels, they're so refreshing.

On another note, I've had this and quite a few mini polishes from Sephora for over 2 years without trying them, smh.  It's about time I give them all a try.

What do you guys think of Teeny Bikini?  Are you a pastel polish lover?

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  1. Very pretty green for Spring right now.

  2. Beautiful green. I love pastels. They make me feel all happy inside lol.


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