Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art - Universe

Hi everyone!!

It's brown day for the 30 Days of Colour challenge!

This is a brown creme from a dual ended polish by Revlon from their Moon Candy nail art line.  The name of it is Universe and one end has a brown creme, while the other has gold flakies in a clear base.

The brown creme has a good formula.  I actually had it so long that it dried up a bit and I had to use some thinner in it.  I think it was a bit old when I got it too though.  I got it on clearance from Target. Here I used two coats with no top coat.

Artificial Light
Below, I added a coat of the flakies diagonally on each nail, then added top coat.

Artificial Light
I love brown and gold together!  I really liked these two polishes.  To be honest, I picked it up so many times when thinking of what to wear on my nails, but kept putting it back down.  Sometimes polishes are much more awesome when you put them on.

What do you guys think of this brown polish?  Have you ever tried any of the Moon Candy polishes from Revlon?

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  1. What a nice chocolate brown that is. The gold goes well with it.

  2. Revlon Moon Candy Orbit started my whole polish thing...I looked it up and discovered nail polish blogs! I still love that duo, but I was no good at applying my own polish, and then couldn't get it removed (the glitter) with whatever was laying around in the house at the time (probably non acetone). I didn't know about foil method or!

  3. I thought that I owned them all, but I don't have the brown. Very nice for fall.


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