Twinsie Tuesday - Inspired By My Shoes

Hi everyone!!

For this week's Twinsie Tuesday post, we're sharing manis inspired by our shoes.  I decided to use a fun pair of shoes that I got from Aldo.

Now, I have no idea where to start where glitter placement is concerned, so I took a much easier route.  I used a coat of black polish, Pure Nail Lacquer's Limitless, and added a coat of OPI Rainbow Connection.  I then topped it off with top coat.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

My nails and my shoes ;0)

I know they don't look exactly the same, but it was supposed to be inspiration for my nails, right?  I love them both!

What do you guys think?  Have you ever done your nails to match your shoes?

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  1. First off, those shoes are amazing! And I love the use of glitter :-)

  2. Those shoes are insane! I love those colours, The mani turned out really well.

  3. This is one sexy shoe! You already know I'm a fan.

  4. Holy ish, those shoes are freaking amazing!! :) I love your multi-colored nails as well!

  5. Those heels are so fun! You translated it well on the nails too.

  6. Wow! Those shoes are absolutely stunning! I love how you interpreted them on your nails!

  7. I usually go for classic, but I love these shoes!!! They make me think of technicolor

  8. I'm loving those shoes girlfriend!

  9. How fun are those shoes?! I totally want a pair! You picked the perfect polish to represent them too. :)

  10. Very, very pretty! I really love "Rainbow Connection." It's such an eye-catching glitter polish...too bad my bottle dried out!

    I've never tried to match my polish and shoes, but I can see myself trying this in the future!

  11. If you wear a size 7/7.5 can you please send me those shoes? Those are amazing!

  12. totally in love! I love matchy-matchy manicures <3


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