Pink (and purple) Wednesday

Hi everyone!!

Today, I have two polishes to share with you.  A purple shimmer from Marks and Spencer, which I received from Saira a looooong time ago and a pink/holographic glitter from a Japanese brand called Homei.

Marks and Spencer Purple is a bit on the sheer side, but I was able to get full coverage with two coats.  It applies well and dries quickly.

The Homei glitter has some stars and moons in there, but they were hard to get on the nail.  I thought this glitter went perfectly with the Marks and Spencer polish, don't you?

Artificial Light

Have you tried either of these brands before?  What do you think of this combo?

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  1. Pretty! Those two colors look great together.

  2. Hello, your nails look lovely!
    I think this nail art creation looks really special and I love all the details that you added <3
    Look forward to see your next manicure 

    Xx Julia

    1. Thanks so much Julia!! So glad you like it!


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