Twinsie Tuesday - Favorite Indie Brand

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

For this week's Twinsie Tuesday prompt, we're sharing our favorite indie brand.   If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I'm a HUGE indie lover.  HUGE!!  Therefore, it's pretty much impossible for me to choose just one brand.  But for the purposes of this post, I had to choose something.

Since I recently tried Cult Nails' Intriguing from the Casual Elegance collection, I decided to use it for this post.  I don't even know if Cult Nails is still considered indie, but it was one of the first brands I fell in love with years ago and I have tons of Maria's polishes.

Intriguing is a periwinkle polish packed with holographic shimmer.  The holo isn't as visible on the nail as it is in the bottle, but it's still really pretty.  So pretty that I wore it for three days.  I only got a minor chip on the third day.  Here I used Rejuvacote as a base, two coats of Intriguing and Underground Nails Quickie Dry Top Coat.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
I really like Intriguing a lot!  It's a real beauty.  It's very rare that I'm not in love with a Cult Nails polish, to be honest.

What do you guys think of Intriguing?  What's your favorite indie polish brand?

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  1. I love this color and it looks great on you! Love Cult Nails too!

  2. What a pretty polish, I like the dusty quality of it.

  3. This is gorgeous on you! So glad you like this one. We're Cult Nails twinsies today!

  4. Great favorite indie brand. They have some great colors. This one is so nice.

  5. Such a pretty color and it looks gorgeous on you!

  6. Yay! Great pick! This one is beautiful :D

  7. I've never gotten to try Cult Nails, but I really should! This one is so pretty!

  8. this polish is stunning! I need to try Cult nails!

  9. Sigh...this is just too beautiful for words.

  10. I still classify Cult Nails as indie! And this shade, so pretty :)


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