Busy Girl Nails Spring Nail Art Challenge - Flowers

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

The theme for this week's Busy Girl Nails Challenge is flowers.  So here's the mani I came up with.

For this look, I used nail tattoos from Kiss.

I remembered to take a picture out of the packaging after tearing one of the strips off, smh.

The steps of applying these nail tattoos are as follows:

1. Apply polish; let dry.
2. Select nail tattoo; tear from strip.
3. Peel from clear layer; place tattoo face down onto nail.
4. Dab tattoo with wet sponge/towel; wet tattoo thoroughly.
5. Hold sponge in place for 20-30 seconds; gently remove paper backing.
6. Seal with top coat.

The steps were very easy to do and created a great design.

Artificial Light
For my base, I used Essence Top of the Ice-Stream, which I received from the lovely Chiro.  It's a white crelly base with blue shimmer.  It's super pretty, but the formula was really streaky.  It actually took four coats to be fully opaque and even :(.  Below, I used four coats.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
Top of the Ice-Stream is so pretty!!  I just wish it didn't require so many coats.

What do you guys think of this flower mani?  Do you ever wear flowers on your nails?

Don't forget to share your flower mani on Instagram and tag it #busygirlnails.  Tag the hosts @beautybyarielle, @drinkcitra, fiercemakeupandnails, @mirandasmakeup and @marijonails too.
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  1. This is nice! The white is such a palette cleanser on the nails.

  2. I love floral manicures! I don't do them often though because I don't have much freehand skill haha :( these nail tattoos are really cute... I've been meaning to order some! The white polish is really pretty too bad it requires so many coats. Maybe it would look better with some white undies?

  3. Wow this is lovely! The nail tattoo is beautiful!

  4. I haven't used those appliqués in years. This one is gorgeous!


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