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Hi everyone!!

Meet Kirsten of The Lady Varnishes!!

When did your love for polish begin?
I have always had a fascination with nail polish, mainly because it was kind of like a forbidden fruit growing up. My mom NEVER wore it and my dad didn't really approve of makeup in any form. But I liked to look at my older sisters' secret stashes and mull over the clever names and amazing colors that cosmetic companies came up with. I couldn't really wear it because I was a FEROCIOUS nail biter, often chewing down until my fingers were painful, bloody messes. Nail polish is what eventually helped me kick the habit, because I discovered that I didn't bite when my nails were painted.

What made you decide to start your own polish line?
I was mixing up polishes for myself out of eyeshadow and clear topcoats for years, when my dad (yes, the one who didn't approve of nail polish and is now practically my business manager) suggested that I start making the real stuff. So I did some research and some trial and error experiments and figured it out.

Why the name The Lady Varnishes?
I am a HUGE movie buff. Not even kidding, my love of all things cinematic long ago crossed the border into ridiculous territory. So when I was trying to think of a mildly clever name for my nail polish endeavors, my mind went to Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes, a title which leant itself quite readily to a punny polish name.
What's the inspiration behind the colors you create?
Whatever strikes my fancy, but mainly--you guessed it--movies. I also have collections inspired by tv shows and books that I love and soon I will have a collection available inspired by a musical.

How many polishes do you have in your stash?
Lots. Lots and lots. I lost count over a thousand polishes ago...

What is your favorite polish brand? (Besides your own, of course)
My favorite large brand is Zoya. Their polishes go on so smoothly and the colors are so breathtaking. My favorite indie brand is a little harder to choose because there are so many doing incredible things with nail polish, but I am a huge fan of a-England. I would own all of her polishes if I could.

How can customers follow you on social media?
I am a bit social media impaired, so the best way is to like me on facebook ( and to favorite my shop on etsy (

I absolutely loved reading this.  It's so interesting how many folks that are into polish used to be nail biters.  I also thought it was quite clever she came up with the name.

Here are a few of my The Lady Varnishes favorites.

The Lady Varnishes - It's Not Fair

The Lady Varnishes - That's Close Enough

The Lady Varnishes - The Best Bounty Hunter
Okay, okay, these are the only three that I've tried, but I love them all!  I do have more that I need to show some love to as well.  I hope to try them soon and share them with you all.

Kirsten's shop can be found here.  She was sweet enough to offer my readers a discount code too:
Use MARIJO10 to receive 10% off any purchase in my etsy store until March 31st. And as for sneak peeks, I will be releasing the second half of my Zoolander inspired collection on March 1st. Orange Mocha Frappucinos anyone?
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  1. Great interview! Some lovely colors from this brand too!

  2. I really love that's close enough but they're all cute! :)

  3. Ooh, I love the colours in It's Not Fair!


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