Twinsie Tuesday - Holiday Gift

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

For this week's Twinsie Tuesday, each Twinsie was paired up with another and had to give a holiday gift.  What is the holiday gift you ask?  We had to charge our Twinsie with a task that would stretch her abilities.

Anne gave me my task for the week and my job was to create a manicure that represented the meaning of Christmas for me.  Here's what I came up with.

I know what you're thinking.  This isn't a typical Christmas manicure, nor does the accent nail seem to go with the rest of it, but there is a story behind this manicure.

For me, Christmas isn't all about the presents and lights and decorations.  As a Christian, Christmas is a reminder of Jesus' birth.  So I try not to get caught up in the materialistic aspect of Christmas and focus on the meaning of it.

So, I decided to do a galaxy manicure with my Neener Neener Nails galaxy kit and I added a star on my index finger to represent the star that shined the night of Jesus' birth.  For my accent nail, after much trial and error with different ideas, I ended up doing a fishtail with POP Beauty Baby Blue, A-England Excalibur and Pure Blameless.  Since all the pictures have Mary wearing blue, I started with that color.  Then I thought of Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and this was the only design I could think of to make me think of a baby being swaddled.  Does that make sense?


Artificial Light (Light Box)
I topped the entire mani off with Nubar Diamont.  So there you have it folks, what Christmas means to me.  I hope you like my interpretation.

What does Christmas mean to you?  What is your favorite part of the holiday?

Be sure to visit all the twinsies to see what type of manicures they had to come up with this week!
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  1. Lovely manicure with an interesting story. Don't forget that the fish is a symbol of Christianity, so it works that way also. Great job!

  2. What a beautiful manicure and another wonderful reason to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season :-)

  3. I love it! The fishtail accent was the perfect addition

  4. This is so amazing! He's the reason for the season!

  5. Wow love the details! <3 I hope it's still pretty tomorrow! <3

  6. I love your interpretation and how it beautifully encapsulates how you feel about your holiday. The swaddling cloth really was just such a beautiful touch!

  7. Your galaxy nails turned out so pretty!

  8. Aw this is beautiful and I love the meaning behind it <3

  9. I am a Christian who does not celebrate Christmas because I don't feel comfortable with it being based on pagan traditions and then people put Jesus' name on it. However, I do appreciate that you are trying to focus on him rather than materialism and your galaxy nails look great, especially the middle finger with the (I think they are) nebulae.


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