Show Some Love Saturday

Hi everyone!!

This week I wanted to attempt a gradient reminiscent of the sunset with a few of my Pure Nail Lacquer polishes.  Here's what I came up with.

For this mani I used Pure Nail Lacquer Sunny Disposition, Stand Out and Fiesta.

Pure Nail Lacquer Sunny Disposition, Stand Out and Fiesta

Below is a tutorial of how I came up with this look.

Start with a base color.  In this case, I used Pure Nail Lacquer Sunny Disposition.

Line up your polishes one on top of the other on a wet makeup sponge.  Keeping the makeup sponge wet will prevent the polish from drying too quickly.

Create a gradient on the nails with the sponge.

Clean up around the cuticles.  For clean up, I use pointed cotton swabs.

I used a black nail art brush to create two birds on each nail.

Finish off with top coat.
 I really liked how this mani turned out.  It definitely reminds me of the sunset.

Artificial Light
What do you guys think of this mani?  Have you done anything like it before?
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  1. Aw what a beautiful sunset mani...

  2. Great look. I also love the look of the 'pure' bottles - they look so classic.

  3. Nice gradient for the background! It looks awesome! :)

  4. Ohhh, summer<3
    This is beautiful:)

  5. I have not tried a gradient in those colors, but I'm thinking I'll have to for summer next year! Those look so relaxing and fun with the bird details.

    Thanks for participating in the first ever Best Of: Nail Art link party! xo

  6. I love these, Marisa! They make me feel like I'm sitting on a big ol' deck chair out on the beach, sipping an enormous drink that's 50% fruit and 50% rum, and feeling the breeze while I watch the sun go down. ^_^

  7. This is a great gradient! You've done a really nice job. :)


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