Indie Sunday - Honey Bunny Lacquer

Hi everyone!!

This week meet Deb, the person behind Honey Bunny Lacquer!!

When did your love for polish begin? 
I've always loved makeup and nail polish, since I was a kid. I remember rocking red nails in the 5th grade. Lol. In high school, I had a big enough collection of nail polish that I could always do fun stuff for Halloween, Christmas, school spirit week, etc.
What made you decide to start your own polish line? 

I wanted really unique and fun polishes to wear. I never wear a basic nude or pink mani. It just brings me so much happiness to get a glimpse of some fun glitter or a bright color when I glance at my hands. We have access to so much right now. Glitter comes in so many shapes - mustaches, snowmen, snowflakes, skulls, hearts, stars, etc. The supplies to make indie polishes are advancing far faster than the store brands are. And if anyone reading this has any pull -- can we get some bat shaped glitter next Halloween?!? ;)

What's the inspiration behind the colors you create? 
Music. Music is so important to me. It has the power to improve your mood, takes you mind off your problems for awhile, it joins people together. And I love that every time I look at one of my polishes, the song that it's named after starts playing in my head. :)

How many polishes do you have in your stash? 

Probably 300-350, not counting my own.

What is your favorite polish brand? (Besides your own, of course) 

I can't pick just one! Rescue Beauty Lounge is my high end pick. Rainbow Honey is my indie, and Wet n Wild is my drugstore pick. 

How can customers follow you on social media? 

You can find me on Twitter - @Beautyninja4, Instagram - dmob74, and tumblr

You can find out about any sales on all my social media accounts!

I really liked learning more about Deb's brand and I hope you did too.  I love that music is her inspiration.  Here are a few of my favorites from Honey Bunny Lacquer.

Honey Bunny Lacquer - Rope

Honey Bunny Lacquer - Frogs

Honey Bunny Lacquer - Black Gives Way To Blue
Honey Bunny Lacquer polishes may be purchased online here.  Full size bottles are $7 and minis are $3.  From Dec 16th-26th get 15% off orders of $15 or more with the coupon code DEC2013.
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  1. Thank for featuring me Marisa!! :)

  2. beautiful polishes and great interview.

  3. Beautiful polishes! I just love the blue sparkle in Black Gives Way To Blue!

  4. I would like to add to Deb's bat-shaped-glitter request to the nail polish universe: Please, more shaped glitter that is small enough to lay flat on arched nails. I would love tiny stars and butterflies...


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