Nail Polish Rack

Hi everyone!!

I just wanted to share a store with you all a store where you can get your own personalized nail polish rack, nolyphetvixay.  I actually shared it earlier this year, but I wanted to show some support and decided to share it once again.

Here is the one I have.

Noly (@noly901 on Instagram) creates very creative and pretty wall racks and is really awesome to work with.  You can just tell her what type of design you'd like and she'll create and have it shipped to you.

If you order today or tomorrow, you'll get $10 off by using code MARIJONAILS10!!  Go check out her store here!
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  1. Great idea! Love how you have organized your nail polishes. Now its easy to find colors and brand that you would like to wear.

  2. Such a cute rack! I need to look into getting a rack...


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