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I have some Azature polishes to share with you today.  Azature is a new brand to me.  Here's a bit of information about it:

Bringing new meaning to the phrase, “dripping in diamonds,” AZATURE, known as the “Black Diamond King,” has created the world’s finest beauty brand: a collection of diamond-infused nail polishes that exude the same luxury as his handcrafted jewelry collection.  Inspired by his vast influences, from the craftsmanship and mythology of ancient relics and religion, to his cultural heritage, to modern pop icons like Madonna, AZATURE’s work is intellectual and intuitive, timeless and outrageous.

In August 2012, AZATURE redefined luxury when he created the world’s most expensive bottle of nail polish, dedicated to his mother and grandmother whom he refers to as his “black diamonds.” Consisting of 267 carats of full cut and faceted black diamonds, the symbol of eternal love and empowerment, this pricey lacquer retailed for $250,000.

This October, AZATURE has upped the ante by unveiling the world’s first million-dollar White Diamond nail lacquer, dubbed the lustrous “AZATURE White”. With a price tag of $1,000,000, this exquisite lacquer will redefine opulence and glamour in the world of beauty. The bottle contains 98 carats of luminous AZATURE white diamonds with 1,400 individually hand-selected diamonds set in a platinum cap.

Debuted by longtime brand supporters Kelly Osbourne and songstress Toni Braxton at AZATURE’S White Diamond Affair in Hollywood on October 8, 2013, AZATURE has once again rocked the beauty world.

Upon the sale of the million-dollar bottle, AZATURE will graciously donate the proceeds from the bottle to Lupus LA, the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation and Race to Erase MS, three charities close to the hearts of fans Kelly Osbourne and Toni Braxton. 

Given the huge worldwide media sensation that ensued after the brand’s controversial first launch, AZATURE created a more consumer-friendly collection of now 30+ diamond-infused shades. Because every woman deserves a diamond, each bottle of the AZATURE Black Diamond Nail Polish, retails at an attainable $25, containing one individually hand-placed black diamond.

I have three of their polishes to share with you today!

This shade is inspired by the camel diamond.  Camel's calming, neutral tone is simple and traditional, reflective of desert sands.  

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
I really like the shade of this polish.  My issue would be with the formula.  It's thick, which isn't an issue because it applies easily.  However, it's very streaky.  The pics above with two coats and no top coat.  You can see on my ring finder how streaky it is.

Light Pink Diamond
This shade is inspired by the pale pink diamond.  Playful, youthful, and demure, this color calls to mind warmth, compassion and love.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
Though this is called Light Pink Diamond,  it's more of a lavender creme.  The formula for this one was way better.  It's also thick, but it applied really well and was opaque in two coats.  I used no top coat.  I love this shade!

Azature Black
The black diamond is the ultimate fine jewel.  Its combination of beauty , mystery, and sophistication makes it a timeless luxury.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
Azature Black is a black jelly base with silver microglitter.  It's a really stunning polish!  It doesn't become fully opaque on its own, so I decided to layer it over Pure Nail Lacquer Limitless (a black creme).  It provides really great coverage with just one coat.  I used no top coat.

These are all really pretty polishes, but of course Light Pink Diamond and Azature Black are my favorite of the three.

What do you guys think of these polishes?  Have you tried anything from this brand?

Azature polishes may be purchased here.

**Polishes sent for honest review
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  1. They should have sent you the million dollar bottle for a review haha :)). Seriously though??? How crazy are they and people who are buying it??!!!


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