Indie Sunday - Polish Addict

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

Meet Laura of Polish Addict Nail Color!

When did your love for polish begin?
My love for nail polish actually started about 2 years ago when I was "challenged" to stop smoking and I knew I needed to take a hobby to keep me occupied other than makeup lol. It actually worked I've been smoke free for 2 years. 

What made you decide to start your own polish line? 
I decided to make my own polish one day when I realized I wanted a glitter topper that I couldn't find to match a base color for an outfit I was going to wear. Yes I'm one of those girls who likes their nails to match their

What's the inspiration behind the colors you create? 
The inspiration behind creating my polishes is usually what surrounds me. I'm always taking notes in my phone if I hear lyrics on the radio, lines in a movie or something I see when I'm a bored passenger in a car ride lol.
How many polishes do you have in your stash? 
I have about 600 polishes. I have a lot I don't use; I mainly have them for collection. I do give some away from time to time, but it depends if they are really special to me.
How can customers follow you on social media? 
Customers can follow Polish Addict on 
Instagram: @polishaddictnailcolor
Twitter: @polishaddict34

I would like to provide a 15% off code MJN15 *excludes discontinued polishes. 

Here are some of my faves.


Heat Wave

Lucky You
Laura has a lot of great polishes!  You should definitely visit her site to check them out.  Be sure to take advantage of the discount code above.

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  1. Oh Heat Wave is really pretty, looks great

  2. One of my fave indie polish makers.

  3. I think spruce is really nice for fall... Pretty neutral not boring :)

  4. Aw I love how she used polish making to stop smoking! She makes beautiful polishes :D

  5. I love to match nails with outfits too! So fun!


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