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For this week's Indie Sunday, meet Kae, maker of The Hungry Asian polishes!

When did your love for polish begin?
I must have been 8 or 9.  I remember seeing nail polish in a drugstore when I went with my dad. He wouldn't let me buy nail polish but one day he let me buy this peel off polish, maybe made by Bonnie Bell? I can’t remember but back in the late 80’s there was definitely a peel off polish for children. Since then I have always been drawn to polish.

I also had a terrible nail biting habit for as long as I could remember and I never wore polish. It was so embarrassing to have tiny ragged nails that I could barely paint. This continued until I was in my late twenties. My nail blog came about when I finally decided to quit biting my nails. Doing nail art helped me fight it. I did post my nail biting story on my blog. (

What made you decide to start your own polish line?
I think it was Christmas of 2009, my mother in law gave me a bunch of loose glitter for fun. I ended up trying to make a franken and fell in love with it. You can be so creative with your own mix of glitters; it was quite fascinating. Over the years I have shared my creations on my blog and I know my readers helped me have the confidence in starting up my polish line.

I finally took the plunge in February of 2011. I wasn’t on Etsy then, just selling to my readers directly using my blog. I began my Etsy shop a year later around February 2012. I look back at my past creations from then and all I can do is smile. Those early creations are so me! Sometimes I contemplate on bringing them all back.

What's the inspiration behind the colors you create?
My inspiration can come from anywhere. Out of the blue I could be sitting there watching tv, or just browsing the web and something will come to me. Other times I will just sit around and jot down any ideas that I can come up with. I also love video games so occasionally I will draw inspiration from them as well.

How many polishes do you have in your stash?
I have not counted my stash in years, but I suspect I am in the 300-400 range. I should purge!

What is your favorite polish brand? (Besides your own, of course)
My favorite nail polish brand is Color Club. Up until recently they were so affordable, now they are in the same price range as OPI I think. They have a lot of collections and I love their bottles.

Runner ups are Sally Hansen because they are affordable and easy to obtain for us living in the US and they make high end dupes. If I feel like splurging, Deborah Lippmann for the other runner up. Her line is on the pricey side, but I love glitterbombs and hers are fun to wear.

What's new?
I am in the middle of making fall colors, I am so slow it will probably be another month or two until they are ready. I am in love with every one so far. I am wearing a skittles mani with them as I type this! Sorry I can't share any photos yet it is too early. 

How can customers follow you on social media?

I am most active on Instagram @thehungryasian

My nail polish blog



Esty Shop

Wasn't it fun reading about Kae?  The Hungry Asian is one of the first indie brands I fell in love with.  I can't wait to see the new colors she's working on.  Here are some of my personal favorites.

As you can see these are some old swatches, but still get the sense of how beautiful her polishes are.  I actually have quite a few that I still need to try as well.

Be sure to check out Kae's etsy shop.  She has lots of beauties available in both full size and minis.
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  1. This was awesome. I remember I found her from your instagram & feel in love with her! She's amazing & this was a fantastic post!

  2. Awh nice interview type if post :)) and the swatches look beautiful!

  3. Kae is such a lovely person and I've ordered from her several times. Her polishes are adorable and I need to get more soon ;)

  4. Aw great interview! I'm loving these posts, Marisa!


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