Revlon Street Wear - Psychedelic

Hi everyone!!

I have another Street Wear polish to share with you that I received from Claudia.  Psychedelic is a clear base with holographic bar and micro glitter.  I decided to layer it over NYC Prospect Park Pink.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Though I'm not a bar glitter fan, I like this one because there isn't too much bar glitter with each coat.  I ended up having the perfect amount with one coat.  And of course, I love how they sparkle.

What do you guys think of Psychedelic?  Do you like bar glitter?

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  1. Where do you even get the street wear polishes from?

  2. Oh I so remember all my shiny bottles of Street Wear when I was a teenager. I so wish I had hung onto them - Revlon please bring them back! This is such a pretty manicure. <3

    1. I didn't have them when they were readily available. I agree, Revlon should bring them back!

  3. hehe the way they sparkle is definitely pretty :D


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