Indie Sunday - LAV Lacquer

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This week I have Dij from LAV Lacquer for Indie Sunday.

When did your love for polish begin?
My love for polish began as a preteen.  I wasn't the most girly girl in elementary school and I began to get into not only polish but every aspect of cosmo when I went to junior high school.

What made you decide to start your own polish line?
I decided to start my own polish line when one day curiosity hit me and I was wondering how polish is made. I use it so much and it was really a curiosity thing. I googled "how to make nail polish" and became interested in the process because of how shocked I was at how simple it seemed. I ordered a few products and played around making polishes for awhile and I began to get compliments on many of the polishes and that's when I decided to look into selling them.

What's the inspiration behind the colors you create?
Inspiration for the polishes I create come from my interest in bright fun colors as my shop clearly represents but I also like deep blues, reds and purples. Overall it comes from my love for color as a whole. I am an interior design student and so my love for all colors kind of ties into everything from my inspiration for nail polish combos to my wardrobe.

How many polishes do you have in your stash?
I currently have about 80 polishes in my stash including polishes I've created and ones I've collected over the years.

How can customers follow you on social media?
You can follow us on Instagram @LAVlacquer, Pinterest - LAVlacquer, as well as like us on Facebook (LAVlacquer)

Anything else?
As I mentioned earlier I really have a love for everything cosmo including hair, nails and makeup. I hope to expand my line in the near future by introducing mineral cosmetics to the shop such as eyeshadows, lip products and etc.

Dij was awesome enough to create an exclusive coupon code for my readers for 10% off: marijonails.  Be sure to take advantage of this deal and try some of Dij's pretties!  Here are some of my personal favorites:

Princess Diaries

Avenue O

Pick Me Up At 8
 Go check out Dij's etsy store here for more of her polishes!  Thanks for reading ;0).

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