Hare Polish - Bisbee 2.0

Hi everyone!!

Today I have a Hare Polish to share with you.  Bisbee 2.0 was on my wish list for some time, so when Nikole sent me Bisbee 2.0, I couldn't be more excited.  She sent it to me as a gift after much drama with USPS not getting my package to me.  It was so sweet of her.

Bisbee 2.0 is described as a turquoise jelly, accented with with bright yellow-golden hexes and squares in two different sizes, plus gold shimmer. Bisbee 2.0 has a really good formula.  It applied like butter and has great glitter coverage.  Here I used two coats with top coat.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light



Bisbee 2.0 is sooooo pretty!!!  I'm so glad to have this baby in my stash!

What do you guys think of Bisbee 2.0?  Did you ever pick this beauty up?

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  1. I have loved this for a long time too. Looks awesome on you!

  2. So super pretty - the color is awesome, but I think the square glitters really "make" this polish. It's so nice when a lemming turns out to be everything you had hoped it would be. Love your swatches.

  3. This is a beautiful polish! It's on my long Hare wishlist.

    1. Yep, it's hard to have a short Hare wish list, lol.

  4. wow, the gold glitter looks great in the turquoise jelly!

  5. I've wanted Bisbee for a long time as well! It's so gorgeous and your swatch is very pretty... I also really really want Star Tropics... so far I only have Twilight Savings which I managed to get in a blog sale... Nikole always seems to do her restocks while I'm at work and I just haven't got around to finding another retailer that ships to Canada for a reasonable price... one day :)

  6. This is beautiful! I love the base and glitter color together in this!

  7. So freaking gorgeous! I took this one off of my wishlist, but I think it needs to go back on.

  8. My teal-smitten heart is going all pitter-patter. Love, love, love!!


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