Nail Polish Canada - Stamping Plate Review

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

I received a Konad stamping plate (m93) for review from Nail Polish Canada and I wanted to share them with you today!

I neglected to take a picture of the plate before I used it, so it's a bit scratched up, but you can see that it has four large designs and one small anchor design on the left.  I numbered them in the order of the manis I'm sharing below.

DISCLAIMER: I'm still a newbie with stamping, so these manis are in no way perfect.  You can still see the designs these plates make.

Black base (Nicka K Noir) with white polish stamped (Sinful Colors Snow Me White)

White base (Sinful Colors Snow Me White) with GOSH Blissful and Misa Frozen In Time stamped to give a gradient effect.

Revlon Gray Suede as a base with Nicka K Woods stamped.


Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base and Brash Green Machine stamped.

I really like the designs on these plates.  They're simple, but give a really nice look on the nails.  My personal favorites are the hearts and leopard print, probably because those are the ones I got really well.  All of the designs are really nice though.  I have to practice more with these.

Nail Polish Canada is actually hosting a giveaway to win 5 Konad plates here.  Go enter now for a chance to win!  To purchase Konad plates, visit Nail Polish Canada's website here.

Have you ever tried stamping before?  What do you think of these designs?

**Stamping Plate sent for honest review
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  1. I have a set from Bundle Monster and I really like them! Makes nail art really easy :)

    1. Yes, it's so awesome to have such an intricate looking mani.

  2. love the pallete ... fun and lovable

  3. I only have 2 konad plates right now... I've used the leopard print on m57 probably a million times haha... I've been meaning to order more plates but I haven't got around to it yet... I really like the square/cubes design on this plate! :)

  4. These seem to stamp really well! I love the 3D box design too!!

  5. Pretty good for a newbie stamper! As usual, I'm impressed ;)


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