Barry M - Pink Flamingo

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

I have a simple, but pretty pink to share with you for Pink Wednesday.  Pink Flamingo was on my wish list and my lovely friend Saira was nice enough to get it for me.  It's a pink/salmon crelly with an okay formula.  Three coats were required for the polish to level out.  The pics below are with no top coat.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light
Why the hearts do you ask?  I had to cover my cuticle which was looking a bit dry there.  Anyhoo, I like this polish a lot.  It's perfect for if I want a very simple look.

What do you guys think of Pink Flamingo?

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  1. I have this polish and I used to love it! I haven't worn it as a mani in ages though. The formula is annoying

    1. Yeah, it definitely requires care. I love the color though!

  2. Such a pretty pink! lol I thought the hearts were just a cute little touch to the mani :D


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