Looking for a wall rack?

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

I just wanted to share something with you that I should have months ago.  I received a nail polish rack from a lovely young lady, Noly (@noly901), a while back.  She creates very creative and pretty wall racks and is really awesome to work with.  Here's the one I received.

I wanted something simple to go with my very simple walls.  It has a lovely black and white design and is very lightweight.  As you can see, I keep a small portion of my indies in this rack.

You can visit Noly's etsy shop here if you'd like to get one of your own.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Is it made of cardboard? I ask because I have seen a couple of youtube videos showing how to make nail polish racks. They are really cool. I wish I had the wall space for those lol. I would need several for all of my polish and sadly I don't even have the wall space for one of them. =/

    1. Sorry you don't have the wall space. I wish I could display all of mine on the wall. Yes, I believe it's made of cardboard.

  2. Beautiful :D Love the background design!


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