Busy Girls Summer Nail Art Challenge - Glitter

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

It's the second week of the Busy Girls Summer Nail Art Challenge and this week, the theme is glitter.

I went with simple nail art, a glitter gradient.  I used Zoya Kieko as my base, then added Shimmer Wendy, a copper, purple and turquoise glitter.  I really loved the combo over Kieko.  You really get to see the beauty of the copper and turquoise glitter.

Artificial Light




Macro 2
I really loved this gradient.  Wendy is such a gorgeous glitter!!!

Have you every tried a glitter gradient?  What do you think of Wendy?

**Shimmer Wendy was sent for honest review**

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  1. Love it! Shimmer polishes make me so happy! ;-)

  2. Pretty combination! They look great together :)

  3. I love this mani, the colours are so pretty! How do you do the gradient with the glitter? X

    1. Thanks so much!!! I used the brush. I made sure there wasn't too much glitter and did the first coat starting about 1/4 below the base of the nail. I then continued to add coats closer and closer to the tip of the nail.

    2. That's a good way of doing it, I'll give it a try :) x

  4. Absolutely loving this glitter!! Beautiful!


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