Pretty Serious Cosmetics - Daphne's Birthday Party

Hi everyone!!

Today is Daphne's Birthday!!!!  Who is Daphne you ask?  Well Pretty Serious turns one today and Daphne is "their girl."  So they created a special polish (NOT LE) to celebrate!!

Pretty Serious Cosmetics

I decided to have some layering fun with this polish that is full of multicolored glitter, perfect for a birthday celebration.

I used Barry M Indigo with a coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire as a base.  I then added one coat of Daphne's Birthday Party. No top coat is used in these pics.

Artificial Light

Sunlight (this is my favorite pic!!!)


Another Macro
Aaaaahhhh, this combo is so gorgeous!!! Doesn't it look like a party on my nails?  This glitter is so much fun, it reminds me of confetti.  I love that it gives such great coverage with just one coat!

What do you guys think of Daphne's Birthday Party?

If you'd like a bottle of Daphne's Birthday Party for yourself or want to try any other Pretty Serious beauties,  visit
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