Polish Days - 5

Hi everyone!!

It's time for Polish Days once again!!  This month's theme is The Number 5.  Yep, that's it.  It was left to us to determine how we would interpret the theme.  So I decided to do a mish mosh mani with 5 different polishes, doing something different on each nail.  Therefore, I have 5 different designs. Ha!  I used 5 twice ;0).

Thumb: Two coats of Essence A Lovely Secret with a coat of Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise in the middle
Index: Two coats of Nails Inc. Power Pink and Misa Frozen in Time polka dots
Middle: Two coats of Nails Inc. Pembroke Close and Essence A Lovely Secret free handed diagonally over it
Ring: Misa Frozen in Time as a base with leopard print using Nails Inc. Power Pink and Nails Inc. Pembroke Close
Pinky: Three coats of Pinkie Promise
NYC Grand Central as a top coat on all nails

I thought this was a really funky look.  It's definitely out of my comfort zone, but I like how it turned out.  What do you guys think about this look?

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  1. Pretty! Love how each nail is different from one another!

  2. You're nails look fab! I especially like the Pinkie Promise colour, so pretty! :) x


  3. The patterns goes very well with eachother and excellent choice in color girl!!♥

  4. How fun! Love this "5" mani! :D

  5. These are so cute, Marisa! Love the colours and combinations, and I am so kicking myself now for not getting Pinky Promise!

  6. Haha, great idea Marisa! Looks lovely!"=!

  7. I love this one! You've used such pretty colors!

  8. I love all these colors together! You did a great job combining 5 colors. I think it's pretty hard to do. Gorgeous!


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