OPI... Eurso Euro & Daring Digits Butterflies Make Me Lupie

Hi everyone!!

Today I have two really beautiful polishes to share with you.  OPI... Eurso Euro is from the Euro Centrale collection and many of you have probably seen pics of it already.  It's a deep purple/indigo polish that has a good formula.  It's opaque in two coats and applies really well.  Unfortunately, it photographed more blue than purple in my pics :(

I paired it with Daring Digits Butterflies Make Me Lupie, sheer purple shimmery base with purple microglitter, small silver and purple hex glitter, and butterfly glitter.  It's a polish that was created for charity, to raise money for lupus.  There is great coverage of glitter and it applies really well.  I used only one coat.  I love it!

Artificial Light

Artificial Light (Light Box)


For my base, I used Sally Hansen Triple Strong and Dazzle Dry for my top coat.  I really love this combo!!  They go perfectly together.

Do you have any of these polishes?  What do you think of this combo?

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  1. These two look great together! It's interesting how some people see this as a blue and others as a purple. Need to check it out in the store to see how it looks. I'm sure I would love it either way.

  2. Great color though even if your camera didn't capture it accurately. I love the glitter here a lot though :D

  3. I love this combo ! I saw Eurso Euro at my local Sephora and it looked really bright, still I saw very different swatches on line and as the previous commenter wrote, to someone it looks mainly blue...mysterious polish :-D

  4. Eurso Euro looks great on you! The glitter isn't my fav' but I always dislike shaped glitter like butterflies and such.


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