Twinsie Tuesday - Inspired by Culture

Hi everyone!!

Today's Twinsie Tuesday challenge was to do something inspired by our culture.  I decided to use the flag from my country.

Do you know what country it is?  I was born in Guyana, which is in South America.  I lived there for 8 years before moving to the States.  I'm grateful to visit every few years and be in the warmth, eating fresh fruit and foods from my culture.

Here are the polishes I used:
Index: Revlon Fire Fox
Middle: Tip Top Creme Brulee
Ring: Revlon Fire Fox, Nicka K Noir (black), Tip Top Creme Brulee, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Barry M Emerald Green
Pinky: Barry M Emerald Green
Top Coat: Beauty Secrets
Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Natural Light
I added Beauty Secrets Top Coat to all nails.

I free handed the flag, so it wasn't perfect, but it came out pretty close to the original, which you can see below.

Just a little bit about the Guyanese flag:
Guyana's Flag is also called The Golden Arrowhead. It has 5 symbolic colors. GREEN represents the agricultural and forested nature of Guyana, WHITE symbolizes the rivers and water potential of the country, a GOLDEN arrow represents Guyana's mineral wealth, BLACK symbolizes endurance and RED represents the zeal and dynamism.

You can find out more about Guyana here and here.

What do you guys think of this mani?  Where are you from?

I'm looking forward to seeing how my twinsies were inspired by their cultures.  Be sure to check them out!

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  1. Lovely color and nails. I have some friends from Guyana. I bet you have a lovely accent :)

    1. Thanks Rhonda!! I've lost my accent by now. Some people still say they hear it though.

  2. What a wonderful combination--the colours are absolutely beautiful! I love the flag on your ring finger too. It almost looks water marbled!

  3. This turned out really nice. I learned something new with your post too.

  4. This is a really cool design! I love the colors.

  5. I like your interpretation of the flag onto your nails. Looks great. I'm African American. I took a genetic ancestry test. I'm predominantly West and East African. I cant wait to take another test to try and further pin point countries or tribes.

  6. Lovely mani, and thanks so much for the information about the colour representation on the flag; I find info like that fascinating :)

  7. You did amazing with this! It's beautiful :)

  8. This is so awesome!!! :D I love how you included the history of the flag!!!

  9. Away, I love this next to the flag!

  10. This is awesome, love the history bit as well!

  11. This looks awesome!! I love it!

  12. I had no idea you were born in Guyana! This really is a gorgeous mani and I love learning the history behind the flag as well!

  13. I didn't know you were born outside the US. Such an interesting country! I love South America. The manicure came out great. The colors are awesome together and I really love the fact that each color has a certain meaning.


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