Show Some Love Saturday

Hi everyone!!

This week, I decided to show some love to my lovely polish friend Susan at Subtle Shimmer.  Susan is one of the first people I got to know when I started blogging.  We've done tons of swaps and chat regularly via social media.  She's really a sweetheart!

Susan always does combos of polishes that I would never think of doing, so I tried to think outside of the box for this mani.  I decided to use Neener Neener Peek-a-Boo (middle and ring) and Zoya Neeka (index and pinky).  I haven't used Neeka in over a year! Smh.

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Natural Light
I typically wouldn't mix finishes like this, but I really love this combo!  I need to try more manicures like this.  Thanks for the inspiration Susan!!

If you've never visited Susan's blog, you definitely should.  She has the most awesome polish collection and wows me every time!  You can see her blog here.  Go follow her!

What do you guys think of today's mani?  Do you usually mix different finishes or are you less adventurous like me?
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  1. I really like the mixed finishes! And I am loving doing the two middle fingers as accent nails! I do that quite often lately!

  2. This is a fun combo! Neeka is stunning and these two go well together!

  3. Neeka is such a favorite of mine! And I love the Neener next to it!


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