Rainbow Honey Brings Awareness!

Hi everyone!!

Rainbow Honey is working to increase awareness about Breast Cancer this month!  Check the info below!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we have prepared several events and activities to help us increase awareness about breast cancer, and promote preventive care and early detection - we are thrilled to be part of this cause as it is very close to our hearts, and we hope you can join us as well.

During the month of October, for every full size Rainbow Honey Pink Product, Rainbow Honey will donate $1 on your behalf to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every bottle of Pink Product nail lacquer you purchase from us will help support researchers finding a cure!

In addition, along with your order, you’ll receive an AWARENESS wristband so you can join us in the fight!

Rainbow Honey Pink Products include:

Pinkie Promise - Equestria Collection (check out swatches here)
A Little Kindness - Equestria Collection
Unstealable Jewel -  Chrono Cross Collection
Ephemeral - Sakura Matsuri Collection
Hanami - Sakura Matsuri Collection
Sakura Matsuri Namesake - Sakura Matsuri Collection
Rainbow Honey Pink Products

We are in this together and together we can reach more people and make them AWARE! And with AWARENESS comes a responsibility to ACT!

Head over to the website now to make your order!  They have some really pretty glitter polishes and if you're a pink lover like me, these will make you very happy ;0).
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  1. Okay, as if I needed an excuse to order some Rainbow Honey, but this is so wonderful of them! And yiiii, I just saw that they actually DO ship to Hong Kong! Giddy now. Thanks for putting out the word! :D

    1. Haha!! Glad you'll have a chance to get some!

  2. What a beautiful collection! Yay for spreading awareness! :D


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