Lush Lacquer - Salt n Peppa

Hi everyone!!

I have a polish for all you glitter lovers out there today.  Salt n Peppa was sent to me by one of the sweetest bloggers I know, Bridget (go check out her blog y'all).  Bridget surprised me with this one.  Honestly, I hadn't even considered getting it.  I just wasn't attracted to the black and white glitter craze.  I'm so happy I have it now!

Salt n Peppa has fine holographic glitter, black and white bar glitter, small black and white hex glitter, and medium sized black and white square glitter.  Sounds like a lot right?  It's actually not.  The glitter isn't too dense, so you get a nice mix of the different glitters without it being overpowering.  Also, I like that the bar glitter is small, so it doesn't look like hair on your nails, lol.

I tried a few layering combos.  This is one coat of Salt n Peppa in each mani.

Over Essie Fear or Desire

Over Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear It For The Boy

I actually did two coats of Salt n Peppa over NK Noir (black) and Orly Au Champagne.  I wasn't patient when waiting between coats, so it pulled Au Champagne a bit.  Still working on that patience, I tell ya!

I really liked all of these combos!!  There are so many awesome possibilities with this glitter!

What do you think of Salt n Peppa?  Are you a black and white glitter fan?

Lush Lacquer polishes can be purchased here.  Full sized bottles are $8.75.

*A reminder that I'm away on vacation, so I have limited access. I will respond to all comments when I return*
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  1. I haven't got any black and white glitter yet but this looks really great! So many layering possibilities!

  2. I love that you layered it over different polishes - so pretty!

  3. very pretty, love all the larying options you did

  4. I really like this! I want to get it eventually.

  5. I love this layered over anything! Such a beautiful polish!

  6. Very cool! Love seeing it over all the different colors.

  7. Totally gorgeous. I love all the combos. The orange stands out more though. Very pretty.

  8. I have been dying to get my hands on a black and white glitter. This one looks really great on you :O)

  9. Salt n Peppa is awesome! I love the look of black and white glitter polish! :D

  10. I was debating on getting Sticks n' Stones but I wasn't sure I needed the black-white glitter. Now that I see your combo with blue I might need one of these black and white glitters hehe.


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