Apothica Purchase

Hi everyone!!  A quick second post today.

Iris from Polish Amor, who is being sponsored by Fringe Media, recently chose me to receive a $20 gift card from them to be used on any one of their sites, skincarerx.com, apothica.com, or skinbotanica.com.  I was ecstactic that she chose me for this.  Thanks again Iris!!

So naturally, I decided to use my card on the Apothica site, being the polish lover that I am ;0).  Immediately I knew I wanted to get Sparitual Sacred Ground.  It was on my wish list for some time.  I had to do some searching for the second polish I was going to choose.  Eventually I ended up going with Essie Chinchilly. 

The site was fairly easy to navigate.  However, it got a little frustrating with the many steps I had to take to find specific things.  When I used the search box, I didn't always find what I was looking for, but it would end up being available on the site anyway.  Weird.  They have quite a variety of polishes though, so that was good.

The order came in two days, which made me happy.  I also received a sample face cream, sample moisturizer and a sample Bond No. 9 Perfume (Andy Warhol Union Square). 

Thanks again for the gift Iris ;0).

Overall, it was a good experience shopping on the Apothica website.  Have you guys ever ordered from their site?
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    1. I'm especially happy about Sacred Ground. I have to try it soon!

  2. I want a gift card too! Good picks. I adore SpaRitual - and their entire fall line was just fab! I cannot wait to get off my no buying anything so I can get a # of the Water collection that I am major lemming.

    1. I'm definitely looking forward to getting some of the new Sparitual polishes. They look great!


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