Savvy - Ice Pink

Hi nail polish lovers!!  It's another Pink Wednesday!  And I'm so excited because today's the last day I have to work for the year, wooohooo!!!

Today, I'm sharing a polish from Savvy, Ice Pink.  I've had this polish for a while and it's the first time I actually decided to try it.  It's a frosty light pink polish that is very pretty.  It is very reminiscent of China Glaze's Exceptionally Gifted.

The formula for this polish is very thin, and while it applied smoothly, it required three coats.  Brush strokes are very evident, like with many frost polishes.  They aren't visible as much after applying a top coat though. 

Here are the pics for you:

Indoors - Artificial Light

Please excuse the smudge on my index finger.  This polish doesn't dry very quickly so I had a boo boo :-(

Since I have something very similar already, I am giving this polish away to the first person who lets me know they want it.  The polish was only used for this swatch.  Just send me a quick email and it's yours!!

What do you guys think of this polish?  Have you tried any Savvy polishes before?
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  1. Aww she's pretty! Looks good and Happy Pink wednesday.

    I'm thinking of joining in the pink wednesday thing. :-)

  2. Thanks Dawniepants ;0).

    Lizzy, you should do it!! I love pink, so I'm happy to do it every week.

    Check it out:

  3. dear friend my aunt rocky is looking for a couple bottles of pink ice by savy would you maybe know where she could purchase a couple bottles of pink ice she refuses to use any other kind she is really picky about even her shoes and clothes so I would appreciate any help you could send my way. sincerely a friend

    1. Hi! As far I know, Savvy stopped making polish. I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply a few years ago, so maybe you can check with them. Sorry I wasn't more help :(.


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