Sally Hansen - Jade Jump

Hi everyone!!

I took advantage of black Friday by making a purchase of some polishes online from Ulta. 

This was my first Ulta purchase because, unfortunately, I have no Ultas in my neck of the woods :-(.  So my next few posts will be swatches of the polishes I received.

First up is Sally Hansen's Jade Jump:

Jade Jump is a creme polish from Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry line.  I love this color!!  It reminds me more of a mint green than jade. 

Applying this polish was a bit of a challenge.  The brush was HUGE, so it was hard to keep away from my cuticles (as you'll see in the pics). I'm all for wide brushes, but this one seemed difficult to handle. Also, it was difficult to get thin coats because even though I wiped the brush on one side, there was still a lot of polish still rolling down from the wide stem.  It was wierd, I don't how else to explain it.  Here's a pic of the brush:

The brush doesn't look as wide here, but you could definitely see the wide stem.
The formula was thick and a little goopy.  When I did manage to get a thin coat, it went on streaky, like most pastels.  After two coats, it was perfect though. 

For this swatch, I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat as a base and two (semi-thin) coats of Jade Jump.  There is no top coat.

Natural Light

Natural Light

Artificial Light - Indoors
Despite my application woes, I still love this polish.  I don't have a color like this in my stash, so I will be using this again.  The fact that it dries relatively quickly is an added bonus ;0).

Have you tried any Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polishes?
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  1. Beautiful color!
    I love those brushes!

  2. The color is amazing on you - but I have the WORST time with this line from Sally Hansen! I love the colors but the brush drives me crazy. I have heard these are great for stamping with though!

  3. I absolutely love this one on you! I agree with you about the brushes, they are a super PITA! I can never get a good, thin coat with these so I mostly reserve them for stamping. The colors they have are great though, if only the brush was easier to work with!

  4. I love this color on you! I don't have any from this line but I do like a nice wide brush sometimes..

  5. This color speaks to me.. ahhh! You mentioned you liked wide brushes - do you like OPI's 'Pro-wide' brushes? Just curious!


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