Revlon - Plum Seduction

Hi everyone!! It's another Pink Wednesday!!

Since I'm still sharing the nail polishes from my swap, I chose Plum Seduction for today.  I am absolutely in LOVE with this color.  It is more of a fuschia than plum in my opinion.  It has a beautiful glossy finish.  I love that it's not too bright, but it definitely attracts attention because of how pretty it is. 

The formula is great, applying it was no problem.  The polish is a jellly, so it's pretty thin.  I was still able to see a bit of VNL after three coats.  Layering may be a good option for this polish.  I'm thinking of trying a jelly sandwich with this.  I'll be sure to share it with you ;0).

I used 3 coats and no top coat for these swatches:

Natural Light

Flash.  You can see the VNL on my middle finger

Natural Light
What is your Pink Wednesday color this week?
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  1. Marisa, you've done it again, this colour looks ridiculously beautiful on you! I'm not sure I've seen this over in the UK. I actually love a bit of VNL now and again, I find it a bit sexy! is that weird?

  2. Thanks so much Esther!!! I wouldn't say it's weird, it's your preference ;0).

  3. Very pretty! this is still in my untried pile. I hate VNL, so thanks for the tip - I'll be sure to lay down a like-colored base first!

  4. This colour's stunning on you. Even though visible nail line usually bothers me, I overlook that because jelly finishes are so much fun to wear! Beautiful and shiny!

    Thanks for sharing your manicure! :)


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