OPI - Russian Navy (Nail Polish Swap)

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!! Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. 

I was recently a part of a nail polish swap hosted by Tara and Celia.  I was paired with Tanya from http://www.midwestsass.blogspot.com/ and today is the day to share with you the wonderful polishes I got. 

Let me say that this was my first nail polish swap.  I don't know the typical way a swap works, but for this one we were randomly given a partner.  Tanya and I shared with one another our favorite shades and brands, no wish lists or anything like that.  So it was like getting a present because I had no idea what I would be getting.

Tanya scored!!  I absolutely loved everything I received. The pic is below:

Starting in the upper right corner, going clockwise: Revlon - Iced Mauve, Revlon - Plum Seduction, OPI - Russian Navy, and Sally  Hansen Diamond Strength - Tyin' the Knot

Today, I'll share the swatch of my first OPI, Russian Navy.  Yep, that's right, my first OPI.  Though many people rave about how wonderful it is, I couldn't bring myself to spend $8.50 on it.  All the colors I see in my area are just okay and the ones I do want, I haven't found in the stores I've been to.  I was really excited to see this one because I'd eyed it several times in the store, but kept putting it back because it was such a dark color.


This polish really boggles my mind.  Though it looks like a navy blue here, in person it looks more like a really deep purple.  Then when you put in on your nail, the first coat looks like navy blue, but after the second coat you see some purple in it as well.  GORGEOUS is all I can say about this polish!

I don't wear dark colors very often because I feel that it has to be on perfectly.  You notice more imperfections in a manicure with dark polishes.  Is it just me that feels that way?  But this is one dark color I will be wearing again and again!

The formula was excellent!  It went on perfectly with no problems.  It's not very thick at all, so it required at least two coats.  It also dried pretty quickly too.  For this swatch, I used two coats and no top coat.

Natural Light




No flash - Natural Light

Another shot in natural light

On the nail, you see purple shimmer in the polish which is soooo pretty!  I'm in love!

Have any of you tried Russian Navy?  What do you think of this polish?

Keep a look out this week for the swatches of the other polishes I received in ths swap.
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  1. wow i love the russian navy opi color :) how pretty on you!

  2. Oh Russian Navy! I've been wanting that shade forever! It is so gorgeous and looks amazing on you! I wonder how it compares to Revlons Midnight Affair? I have that one and from pics it looks slightly similar, but I don't own the OPI one. I don't see the puple shade in the Revlon one, so I could be mistaken on its similarity.

  3. Looks lovely on you! Such navy blues often fall flat on me though.

  4. I love that russian navy color!! Very pretty!

  5. I've not tried this colour, I love dark blues though, this looks so pretty on you Marisa. x

  6. Yay, congrats on your first swap! Be careful, it's addicting =) I looooove Russian Navy! I always want to pick it up, I can't believe I don't own it yet. It looks lovely on you!

  7. I LOVE this color, it reminds me of Midnight Cami by Essie :)


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