Indigo Illusion vs. Gray's Anatomy

Hi everyone!! 

I recently shared Indigo Illusion with you all and prior to that, Gray's Anatomy.  When I swatched Indigo Illusion, for some reason I thought that Gray's Anatomy might have been a dupe for this polish, so I decided to do a comparison.

Here are the pics (all pictures are in artificial light):

Gray's Anatomy on the index and ring fingers.  Indigo Illusion on the middle and pinky fingers.

Gray's Anatomy on the left, Indigo Illusion on the right

Indigo Illusion on top, Gray's Anatomy on the bottom

Clearly, Gray's Anatomy is not a dupe. There are very few similarities, namely that both have green and purple tints to it at certain angles.  Otherwise, they are very different.  Indigo Illusion is a lot darker and required only 2 coats for opacity, while Gray's Anatomy requires at least 3.  Also, Gray's has more of a pinkish tint to it, where Indigo is more of a blue-green.

Here is a shot that shows the similarity in the two:

They look extremely similar here.  Can you tell which is Gray's and which is Indigo?

I think this is what I saw that made me think it could be a dupe :-/.  Anyhoo, it was fun to do the comparison.
I really like both of these polishes!!

Let me know your thoughts.
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  1. Great comparison post! Somewhat similar, in different angles.

  2. Multichromes can be misleading. Love their "magic"! :)

  3. Love the post! I have Grays but haven't tried it yet. I still like the mani with both colors. I would still rock it!

  4. Great comparison! Two coat coverage sounds much better to me! :-)

  5. You really can't tell which is which! Great comparison!


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