Glitter Gradient, sort of...

Hi everyone!!!  I hope you're all ready for the holiday weekend!  I sure am ;0).

Today, I'd like to share a mani with you that I tried a little while ago. It seemed like a holiday-ish manicure, so I figured now was a good time to share it.  I tried to do a gradient with glitter, but it didn't come out the way I envisioned.  The second day I wore it, I started to fall in love with it though, so hopefully you guys like it as well :-/.

For the base color, I used NYC's Fashion Avenue Fuschia.  I then used a pink, unnamed glitter by Orly.

Here are the pics:

Natural Light.  As you can see, I gave up on my pinky way too quickly.   

Indoors - Artificial Light

Natural Light

Direct Sunlight

Artificial Light

Artificial Light

My thumb in artificial light

For this mani, I tried sponging the glitter, but I think I'll try using the brush the next time I try it to get more of a gradient effect.  Of course, if you guys have any suggestions, please share.
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  1. I like how this manicure looks, very festive.

  2. It looks like glistening snow! I just tried a glitter gradient but it didn't quite work out for the glitter was too dense.

  3. Very pretty....with glitter gradients it's easier to just use the brush, you don't need to sponge it (^_^)

  4. Thank you ladies!! Starlett, yes I'm hoping the brush will make it easier. Thanks ;0)

  5. Wow! Your glitter gradient is very pretty! ;D

  6. I loove glittery tips! This is very pretty!

  7. Very nice mani for the holidays!


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