Essie - Shine of the Times

Hi everyone!! Happy Friday!  Are you as happy as I am that the weekend is here?

Today, I'm sharing the popular Shine of the Times from Essie's Luxeffects top coat collection.  This top coat is a clear jelly with golden flakies.  I wasn't going to purchase it, but decided to get it after a conversation with some twitter friends, Kimberly being one of them. 

I don't have any other flakies, so I was excited to make this purchase.   I've read that Shine of the Times is a dupe for Nubar 2010.  I don't own that polish, but based on swatches I've seen, this one has more flakies in it.

When I first tried this polish, I was disappointed.  I couldn't figure out why, but there was just something I didn't like.  Then I figured it out.  There were just too many flakies.  I felt like there was too much going on with my mani.  So, I tried it on just my ring finger and I liked it so much better.  I'm a big believer that less is more and in my opinion, that's the case with this top coat.  Who knows, maybe I'll try it on the right polish where I feel it's not too much on all my nails.

Here are the pics for the polishes I tried it on:

Over Spice it Up (Artificial Light)

Another shot over Spice it Up

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Over Spice it Up (Natural Light)

Over What Do You Think? (Artificial Light)

Over What Do You Think? (w/ flash)

Over Sapphire Silk.  I liked this look much better since it was only on my ring finger.

Another shot over Sapphire Silk.

Have another look at Shine of the Times with Lapis of Luxury on Kimberly's page.

What do you guys think of Shine of the Times?
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  1. I love it over Sapphire Silk!
    Great swatches!!

  2. This is gorgeous, but I think I like Nubar 2010 better too. It lets you see the base color better. I have a post with that one coming up soon.

  3. Thanks Carolina!!

    Mihaela, I'll be keeping an eye out for your post ;0)

  4. I like this over Sapphire Silk. The flakies are much more dense than 2010 but I still love this alot =)

  5. Love it over Sapphire Silk! I need to get me some flakies :P

  6. It does have a TON of flakies! I think that's part of why I wore it over a light base color. It wasn't dark enough to really overwhelm it like it did with alot of my darker colors. I dig it as an accent nail though! Great idea! I've been doing a lot of nail art lately, but I am a huge fan of the accent nail. Gives your mani some oomph without taking away from your color. Great post!

  7. SHAZAAAAMMMM GIRL!!!! loved it over 'Spice It Up' AND 'Sapphire Silk"!!! Ive only tried it over a pastel purple. this was a great swatch post!


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