Zoya - Neeka

Hi fellow nailpolish lovers!

Today, I wanted to share my second Zoya purchase, Neeka.  If you missed my other Zoya post, check it out here.  Neeka is a gorgeous deep purple with gold microglitter.  The formula was a good one.  It went on nice and smoothly, no complaints here.  I really love this color and it's perfect for fall.

Indoors - Artificial Light

Yes, I'm holding a stapler.  LOL
I love this polish a lot and will definitely be wearing it again.  My only issue is it started to chip on the first day.  I don't know why.  I wasn't doing much with my hands.  Anybody else have that problem with Zoya polishes?
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  1. That is one sexy stapler! ;)
    I LOVE this color! Zoya polishes are amazing. So hard to find out here though. I only have 2 since my local Ulta only has a handful. :(

  2. I wouldn't say that the chipping problem is common with Zoya, sometimes my polish (any brand) chips too fast when I use thick coats.

  3. I was just talking to one of my friends about how Zoya polishes are amazing because they don't chip.

    I did a manicure for that friend of mine, and it's been a week now, and only one of her ten fingers has a chip at the bottom, not even top of the nail.

    Might be that you experienced one of those chips that no one can explain..lol.. The kind of chip that comes when you did absolutely nothing to cause a chip.

    Anyhoo, this is a gorgeous color! I like it a lot.

  4. what a pretty color! purple and microglitter yeah makes me smile! :)


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