Sinful Colors - Savage

Hi everyone!!  Happy Saturday!

Today, I'm sharing a swatch of Savage by Sinful Colors.  This is a beautiful turquoise, almost teal polish that I just had to have when I saw it.  I believe it was my second Sinful Colors purchase.  

The polish is thinner than I expected and went on a bit streaky.  It also turned out to be a matte polish, which I didn't expect.  I'm not a fan of matte.  I know a lot of you polish lovers like it, but I don't.  I need my polish to be glossy. 

Regardless of the finish, the polish is still very pretty.  For this swatch, I did two coats of Savage:

Natural Light w/ flash


Natural Light.  I added Seche Vite to get the look I wanted.  Much better ;0)


What do you guys think of this color?  Any non-matte lovers out there?
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  1. I love this color and I think it looks better with the top coat to give it the glossy finish :-)

  2. Not trying to convert you, but I actually love the way the matte finish looks with your skin tone. Gorgeous color, as well.

  3. H, lol at not trying to convert me. Thanks hon ;0)

  4. This looks fabulous on you both matte and glossy. Mine stained my nails when I wore it - which is too bad bc it's such a gorgeous color!


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