Sally Hansen HD Nail Color - Byte

Hey everyone!  Today I decided to wear Byte from Sally Hansen's HD Nail Color Line.  This is the only polish that I got from this line because it's the only one that I liked in the bottle.

This polish is a fuschia gel with fuschia glitter.  I absolutely love this polish, I think it's so pretty.  Such a girly color ;0).  The application was good, no problems there.  I used 3 coats to get it as opaque as it is in pics.  I just can't stand seeing that nail line, one of my pet peeves :-(.

I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as a base coat and Seche Vite fast dry top coat.

Indoors - Artificial Light

See how beautiful the glitter is?

What do you guys think of this polish?
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  1. Love the color...can't believe u blogging abt it..but cool :-D

  2. Byte is such an awesome polish. I love it alone and layered over black. It looks awesome on you too!

  3. I have DVD and Laser. They look even better layered over black. I bet this pink one would too!


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