Sally Hansen HD - Hue

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!

Today, I wanted to share with you a swatch of Hue from the Sally Hansen HD line. 

In a previous post, I said I only had one polish from this line, Byte.  Clearly I lied, lol.  Actually, I forgot I even had this polish.  I got it from Duane Reade because it came with a free base/top coat.  That's the only reason I got it because I'm definitely not a yellow person.

This is a bright yellow, metallic looking polish with yellow micro glitter.  In the pics, it actually looks more gold than yellow.  It's a really pretty color, perfect for spring and summer.

The formula was good.  It goes on sheer, so I had to use three coats to get it this opaque.  I didn't use a base or top coat, just some drying drops from Nicole by OPI.

Here are the pics:

In natural light

This looks more like the true color

What do you guys think?
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  1. Have you tried layering it over black?

  2. Hey Ida!! No, but I plan to. I'll show an update once I do. Just got my black polish today.

  3. I was just thinking layering might be good here. These HD's are pretty thin. Not the hugest fan of yellow myself but it looks good.

  4. I love this against your skin tone! :)


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