Kleancolor - Sparkle Emerald

Hi fellow nail polish lovers!!  Today is a month since I've started my blog and I can't believe it!  Thanks to all of you who are following, I'm so grateful for you all!

I wanted to share a glitter with you today from Kleancolor, Sparkle Emerald.  It is a clear base with mostly green microglitter and some gold microglitter as well.  It goes on very evenly and is not too chunky which makes removal very easy.

I love the shade of green of this glitter.  It's a very light green, not sure what you would call it.  You be the judge:

Alone on my nails.  Please excuse the staining.

Over Alexandra's "Hot" Gray

In Sunlight

Over Fatigued

Over Fatigued
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  1. Looking good. I have to get it.

  2. I just got a haul in yesterday with some holo glitter from KC! Didn't get the green though (it was sold out). Can't wait to try mine. Yours looks very pretty!

  3. I love it over the Alexandra's Hot grey! really cute!


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