Forever 21 Love & Beauty - Magenta

Happy Monday!  Today, I decided to wear a polish from Forever 21 that I purchased earlier this year called Magenta.  I love this color!  It's a bright purplish red with red and blue microglitter in it.  My type of color. 

What I did NOT like was the formula.  It's a jelly polish and very translucent.  So even after three coats, I could still see VNL (visible nail line).  If you guys haven't figured it out yet, I hate VNL.  It also went on pretty streaky, though you don't notice it after the third coat.

I have tried other polishes from Forever 21 and like them much better, so this review shouldn't reflect all ot their polishes.

Indoors - Artificial Light

Outdoors - Natural Light

Another oudoor shot.  See the beautiful microglitter?

What do you guys think of this color?
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  1. This polish is very flattering on you! It's too bad about the visible nail line - I'm the same way. It really annoys me most times. (OPI Vodka & Caviar was one of the more memorable exceptions, though.)

    Have you tried layering this on top of a magenta creme polish as a base? Then you can still enjoy the colour of this one, but ramp up the opacity.

  2. I haven't tried layering it, but I definitely will to see how it comes out. Thanks ;0)


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